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Sox Trot Cotton Dress Socks

One size

 55% Cotton
 30% Nylon
 15% Polyester

Gentle wash

The Soxtrot Cotton Dress Socks are hand printed, limited edition designs made in New York.

Made from a Cotton, Nylon, Polyester mix they are incredibly comfortable and are extremely durable.

They are 17 inches (43 cm) in length and have a comfortable band at the top so they stay up without cutting off your circulation.
 One size fits all.

Although recommended for gentle wash we put them in an under-wear bag and wash in a cold machine wash.

New winter and summer designs are available each year.

The many colours reflect the popular place these socks hold in ladies fashion styles.

The Socks  can be worn with many varying footwear and clothing styles.

Wear them with Fashion ankle boots, good office shoes, casual shoes, or any of your favourite footwear.

They look great peeking out under your trousers, jeans and ¾ pants or under a longer skirt.
 You name your fashion outfit and we have a style of knee hi that will look fabulous and feel great.

We know you will love them.